About us

Adorable Home Care is a NDIS Registered provider. We provide individualised care and support to our participants with disability in Adelaide metropolitan area. We assist people to remain living in their own homes.

Registered NDIS Provider

Adorable Home Care also aims to provide ethno-specific services and programs mainly to people with disabilities. We are working more closely with customers to make them feel safe and emotional supportive.

​Adorable Home Care is unique service provider which understands how to support people with disability from various backgrounds. We deliver disability services to participants in culturally sensitive ways. Our role is to make every member of our group feel like they are meeting people that are on “their level”. This way participant can develop new social groups who they can relate to.

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Acknowledging Diversity

Adorable Home Care will aim to eventually have staff who will support participants in a culturally appropriate way; we understand participants’ backgrounds and share the same culture or language.


Our History

On our experiences for number of years, we have got experience to understand more about how people with disabilities and based their carers feel.

  • we can speak your language,
  • we understand the value of your food,
  • We can cook your food We understand your religious beliefs,
  • We understand your culture … while providing you services.

Our Mission

To provide people with disability and their families high quality, innovative support services that encourage choice, self-determination; and meet their physical, cultural, spiritual and psychological needs so that they will realize a quality of life that is valued by community

Our Vision

To assist people living with disability to make a choice on how they want to live.

Our Values

Diversity: We encourage and create environment characterised by customer’s culture and beliefs
Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our services
Customer commitment: We develop relationship that make a positive difference in our customer’s live
Social Justice: We believe that everyone is equal
Respect: We believe that our customers deserve respect, regardless of their belief, customs, physical, mental…we encourage their culture, religion, and race; and reward their performance.

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